We're tired, yes after helping over 4 million consumers make better, more economical safe decks we really are tired. So we decided to take a break.

Our adventure started 1988 when Paul Hoffman had an idea to make a very simple deck in a box. Something that anyone could not only make, but that everyone could afford. Even today a 12x16 deck for under $800! Gosh unbelievable. No wonder that at times one out of ten decks made in the US used Dek-Block piers. THANK YOU for making this product one of the most successful products that was ever invented. Yes over 50,000,000 blocks were sold. And yes we are very grateful that they were used in over 4,000,000 decks that you are now enjoying.

We might get a second wind so come back once in a while to see what we have now been thinking about. It just might save you even more time and cost you much less than what's out there now.

If you have an idea, we're always listening, let us know what it is.

Thanks again it was a wonderful run!